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About Us


Who are we?

Better Business Place Inc., now servicing in Richmond Hill, specializes in Canadian Tax Return preparation for Personal, Small Business, Corporate Tax, GST Returns, and PST/HST Returns. We have been in business for over ten years, proven to provide exceptional service with guaranteed satisfaction. Better business Place Inc. utilizes leading computer technology and income tax software to deliver efficient and accurate Tax Returns to Canadians. Also, our new online booking system guarantees no wait time at the office.

What we do?

Our sincere commitment to our clients has helped us to develop many long-lasting relationships. Today, Canadians are seeking convenient and efficient solutions to their everyday challenges. Better business Place Inc. utilizes leading computer technology and income tax software to deliver efficient and accurate Tax Returns to Canadians. Canada Revenue Agency approved tax software with e-file allows us to generate accurate income tax preparation and turnaround refunds to you in less than two weeks or Instant Tax Refund within 2 hours.

What we offer?

We are experienced and up to date on all the services being offered to our valued clients. If your company is growing and the books take up too much of your time, we can help. You may need bookkeeping services monthly, quarterly, yearly or just to get ready for tax time, we will work out a plan with you to accommodate your unique situation.

What is instant Tax Refund?

Better Business Place Inc. could pay you your income tax refund in cheque in less than two hours during the tax filing season and up to September 15th of each year. Here's how it works:

If you have a refund coming back from your income tax return this year and you don't want to wait for it just bring your tax information to our office and tell us that you would like to get an instant Tax Refund.

We prepare your tax return and verify how much refund you will be getting from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If you qualify for our Instant Tax Refund program, we will give you 85% of the first $300 of your income tax refund and 95% of the rest. For example:

CRA approves a refund of: $1000.00
You will receive from us: $920.00 *
The $80.00* covers the entire cost of the Instant Tax Refund service, including our tax preparation fee. In addition, your tax return is backed up by our guarantee which includes year-round assistance.

Our Service Fee

Our Rates

We charge a flat fee of $49.99 (+ GST). There are no additional charges of any kind. This means that we do not charge any more than $ 49.99 and this includes electronic filing rate (E-file). Tax Seasons are extremely busy, so book your appointment immediately through our online booking system and avoid the long waits at the office. In preparation for this yearly endeavor we need you to prepare the following Checklist.

This fee includes complete assistance over the year in which the tax return was filed including amendments and representation at any audits.

If four family members' tax returns are filed together, a 15% will be deducted from our rates.

Returns are $99.99 (+GST). See information required by Revenue Canada. For complex returns or for returns for which bookkeeping is necessary, we charge an hourly rate of $75.00 / hour (+ GST). A list of useful items are also included here.

Corporate tax returns are $ 400.00. This fee includes the federal corporate tax return, GIFI forms and a provincial corporate tax return.

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